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Monday, April 13, 2009

How to make a jar file from .class file?

I have the .class file but i do not know how to convert it into an executable .jar file. im using linux.

Irrespective of your operating system, the concepts are still the same.

Once you have your class file, use the jar command. Look in its help options to see. It is quite simple.

If you want someone to do a

java -jar yourjarfile.jar

and be able to run the main program, you will need to put the main-class entry in the manifest file.

I am assuming you are using command line interface. If you use an IDE like eclipse (which is free), it is a simple matter of couple of clicks to create the jar file.

Good luck!

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How do i import adobe after effects Effect files?

i got one from a torrent using vuze and i opened it (it was a .rar file) with 7-bit. But this is the problem, its in an .AEX file format. when i try to import it, it says its not a supported file format. so does anybody know how to change it to the correct file format?

1st of all im going to complain about using torrent's to get plug-ins the people who create these plug-ins work for month to create use full effect for projects etc. (that's my grumble out of the way).

program files -> adobe -> after effects(cs3 - cs4 etc) -> support files -> Plug-ins and just paste it in that folder.

What programing languages would i have to learn?

i want to learn to write a browser

and i also want to learn to make video games. so i was wondering what langueges would have to learn to do so

For video games I'd say C and python. Not all game companies use C anymore and almost NONE use python, but those two languages will give you a LOT of practice with the ALGORITHMS (processes) games use to play.

For a browser I'd have to give you the answer I give when people ask me what language to write an OS in. You can write it practically in anything so long as you know what you are doing. HTTP is itself is a language I just heard a lecture on a couple of months ago, but you implement it in just about anything. Firefox and Seamonkey use a language called XUL which is implemented by a rather small engine written in C . Webmonkey has a tutorial on how to write a web browser mainly in Javascript -- as part of its javascript tutorial. People have literally written simple oses in java, pascal and the old microsoft basic. Just so, once you begin to understand how to talk to the net you can write your browser in anything.

This is a question that is difficult to answer. There is no single language used for everything.

Most common modern languages can be used to create both browsers and games. Are you looking at building these on the Windows platform? Languages using the .Net framework (C# or Vb.Net) may be a good balance of power and ease to learn.

I believe commercial apps/games are written in lower level languages still, such as C or C , but there is a larger learning curve for these.

Hell.. even try scripting languages. Python has a library Pygame which looks easy to use. Java has a heap of libraries for game creation.

Honestly though, don't aim too big starting out. Get basic concepts down pat and work from there. Once you learn one language (paradigm) learning another language is easy.

Browser-based applications are generally written in JavaScript, Flash, or Java, assuming that's what you'd like to do. JavaScript, in this case, may be the easiest to learn, although it doesn't make for a great first language.

As for games, Java is relatively easy to learn, and has great libraries for both general applications and for game design. jMonkeyEngine ( http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/ ) is one of the more notable game development libraries for Java.

Python is also becoming a more popular game programming language, with games such FretsOnFire (http://fretsonfire.sourceforge.net/) being written using libraries such as PyGame. Python is well known for it's readability and simplicity.

C and C are the more "traditional" methods for creating games. Personally, I find the syntax to be much harder to read and understand compared to Java and Python (known as "obfuscation"), but there are many great libraries available.

In the end, it really comes to a matter of preference- you should look at some code for each of the languages and decide which you like best.

u cant write a sentence without learning a,b,c,d... like this u cant understand how to make games.you have to learn from the beginning.

1.basic programming




5.visual basic

and some more modern programming are being developed.so u have to start from the beginning.best of luck.if u like it dont 4get to give vote

How to get the one before last record in access DB?

I am working on a port movement sheet for my ship and I want to know the port that I have been before the last one. This is for making a crewlist. How can I do that?. I tried using expression builder and multiple queries but it was a long process. There must be an easier way. Please help. I am using Access 2003 by the way.

According to what? A date? If so, sort by that date in descending order, then iterate to the second record.

None of my antivirus/antispyware software will update?

Okay, I think I have a virus that my antivirus hasn't detected because it cannot update and download the latest definitions. Bitdefender Total Security won't update and Spyware Doctor won't update. And I just tried Norton Gaming Edition and it would not update. I know that when I download the updates manually in .exe form I can install them, but I wanna know what is causing this, any ideas please help!!!!!

1. turn off your system restore.

2. download Comodo Internet Security (http://www.comodo.com)

3. Install and scan when ask.

4. After reboot, restore your system restore.

How do you update avira antivirus?

as in where do you download the updates and how do you install them?


Download 'IVDF (unicode)'.

In the Avira interface, click 'update' menu, choose 'manual update' & browse for the zip file. Updates will install automatically.



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So I've got a computer practical exam tomorrow in about 20 hours and I really need help in frontpage and powerpoint.The test is 2hr 30 mins long and using internet for assistance is allowed.So I need a little help tomorrow from someone to assist me during the exam.

For now I need help in frontpage in these questions

1)-Using a suitable software package, prepare the following styles for use within all

pages on this website:

?h1 ?black, serif font, 20 pixels, centre aligned, bold

?h2 ?blue, serif font, bold, 18 pixels, centre aligned

?h3 ?black, serif font, 16 pixels, left aligned

?li ?black, sans-serif font, 14 pixels, bullet points, left aligned

?p ?dark blue, sans-serif font, 14 pixels, left aligned, italic

Save the style sheet and attach it to each web page as you create it. Make sure

that the style sheet that you prepare will work in any browser.

2)-Using a suitable software package, create a new homepage SAMPLE.HTM

This page will have a table below the heading and menu options below the table.

It should look like this:(picture not there)

3)-Attach the external style sheet that you saved at Step 22.

Ensure (by removing code if necessary) that, if you are using a WYSIWYG

package, the styles are not overridden by the package.

4)-In the top left corner add the text Last edited by and add your name, Centre

number and candidate number.

Set this text to style h3.

5)- Enter the heading Sample Website for client X

Set this text to style h1.

Please I really need to know this as fast as possible and I hope someone helps me during the exams.

Tutorial for HTML, CSS and other web languages


HTML tag lookup


As for frontpage well you are on your own there.

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Applications of Strings in DBMS, Programming languages, and Word processing. Any 2 can be explained.?

Like in DBMS how it helps in querying. And in Word Processing one instance is of the Find and Replace option provided through the usage of strings...

What I want is that I need to know how this is internally done using strings...A page about each..Thankyou.....

Strings are nothing but collection of characters. In simple English it is like a "WORD".

1.In "DBMS querying" you need to display the records that are relevant to the question. Consider that you have a student database. If you need to see the records of a student AAA, then you query the data base with the string AAA. Here the STRING AAA is searched with all records and if there is any record that has the name AAA it shows that student's record.

2.In Word processing (as you have said) you have the FIND AND REPLACE option that works using strings. Here you type the STRING to be needed. For example consider that you need to find the string BBB in the entire document. Now when you give find the word processor searches the entire document for the word BBB. If it occurs anywhere then it will invoke the replace function and replace this occurrence of BBB with the new string.

3.Programming languages???All the above processes like querying in DBMS and FIND and REPLACE in word processors are done using programming languages. They use a STRING variable (just like a normal integer or character variable) and search the document for any similar value. If a similar value is found ,DBMS displays the result whereas WORD PROCESSOR issues the replace command.

Hope I helped :-)

If you consider 'strings' as meaning a set of ASCII characters, it will make more sense. In any of the situations you've given there is a search for specific ASCII or ANSI characters. If the search comes up with a result then the next part of the program kicks in (like Replace). This is why some searches are picky about upper and lower case letters because one has a different ASCII code to the other. In web searches they have a subroutine that can decide if an upper or lower case letter means the same to the operator, such as 'c' or 'C'.

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I just downloaded a binary file called password recovery.exe and can

I paid for the download. Where would that be stored on my computer. I hit the save button and then a box appeared with nothing in it. Then to the far bottom right of the computer it said that download was complete. Any ideas?

could be a virus thats already installed itself and infected your computer :/

I want free oracla 10 g software if u know the link pls suggest me?

Oracle provides 10g express edition for non-commercial and educational use, I use it; it's very good.

see this link:


I'm really close to level 2 need a little push plz select as best answer if I've helped u. :)

Direct Link to 10G Express, it is the free version for development:


try it from oracle site itself


not free


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Help...with my space layouts?

I cant add a layout to my new profile...I copied and pasted it into the about me section and the they layout does not show only the add for the web site shows...I'v tryied 3 differnt websiteas and codes what am I doing wrong

Do you have the 2.0 layout??

What do you think of..................?

i just made a website. its the first one i have ever made. please tell me what is good about it, what is bad, and what i need to fix. please rate on scale from 1-10



it's good for your first time but if you choose a better font for the body it would be better and change the color of the font on the tabs because it's a little hard to read, but other then that you did a really good job!

its great

you get 8/10

C# code help. Creating Dealership software for project?

Okay Im working on this project where I have to create an object oriented solution. I have to code scheduling service/repairs and order parts plus ordering new vehicles or increasing and decreasing the amount in stock currently. Im not great with coding and need some major help. Please anyone give me some ideas or help.

While I can't give you specific code for your homework assignment (or project, as the case may be), I can give you a few tips, and I trust it helps.

First, because this IS OOP (Object Oriented Programming), the first thing is to determine what "objects" you need.

For instance, you need car parts, and each car part has certain properties, functions and activities. That which is common to ALL car parts would be included in the master "Car Part" class, and all car parts would inherit from this master "Car Part" class.

Some of the properties might be a read-only "Price", a "Quantity in Stock" property, etc.

Since I don't know much about car repair, I can only give you some ideas.

Think in terms of actual real-world objects that you can mimic in software, and think in terms of details that an actual car dealership might be faced with.

Good luck with your project, and happy programming.

Access 2003 how to end/close another program?

MS Access 2003

I have a Table with 20 fields - one of the field is a HYPERLINK to an image/picture (using MS Paint Program.


Field #1 - CompanyName

Field #2 - ContactPerson1

Field #3 - HYPERLINK IMAGE1 to Image using MSPaint Program

I have a "COMMAND Button - NEXTQUERY1" on a FORM (on a Select Query with Parameter pop-up box)

When this Command Button on the Form is clicked, it runs a MACRO to

- run the SELECT Query so the Parameter pop-up box pops up automatically AND

- close the last FORM showing the result of the last Select Query.

On this Form, there is also this FIELD#3 - HYPERLINK IMAGE1 (this hyperlink when click pop-ups an Image using MS Paint).

I am NOT using SQL or VBA

I am using Access set applications with Macros only.


1. I would like to incorporate into the COMMAND BUTTON NEXTQUERY1 (which is on the FORM) to automatically close the MS Paint Program/Image Pop-up as well when it close the last SelectQuery Form.

Thank you very much for your help.

It is possible to manipulate other applications via the Windows API, but you won't be able to do that via macros; it will require VBA, and rather advanced VBA at that.

Perhaps you would be served by using an Image object on your Access form. This would work if you don't actually need to edit the image, but just display it, like for instance a pic of your contact person.


hold ctrl alt and delete and click start task manager all open programs should show up

Website Creation Help?

I want to setup a website where users will have the ability to signup for a user name and password, and the system will automatically create a log-in for them on the server. i understand there are some ways of doing this, but they generally take you to a basic protected page. I want EACH user to have there own account information page, favorite videos page, etc.

I know how to do HTML, but I'm not aware of any HTML that would accomplish this. Can someone point me to a way of doing this?

you would need some kind of database, access but probably SQL to manage something like this.

Help with a Java program?

Overall Requirements

Write a program that establishes two savings accounts with saver1 having account number 10002 with an initial balance of $2,000, and saver2 having account 10003 with an initial balance of $3,000. Set a common rate of interest at 5% per year. At the end of each month, update the balance by adding one month interest to the balance, so that the balance compounds monthly. Print an output that displays the month number and the account number and the balance for each of the two accounts. Use month 0 to display the initial balances, month 1 to display the balances after the first month interest, and so on. At the end of the year, display the total balance for both accounts combined, like this:


Monthly balances for one year with 0.05 annual interest:

Month Account # Balance Account # Balance

----- --------- ------- --------- -------

0 10002 2000.00 10003 3000.00

1 10002 2008.33 10003 3012.50

2 10002 2016.70 10003 3025.05

3 10002 2025.10 10003 3037.66

4 10002 2033.54 10003 3050.31

5 10002 2042.02 10003 3063.02

6 10002 2050.52 10003 3075.79

7 10002 2059.07 10003 3088.60

8 10002 2067.65 10003 3101.47

9 10002 2076.26 10003 3114.39

10 10002 2084.91 10003 3127.37

11 10002 2093.60 10003 3140.40

12 10002 2102.32 10003 3153.49

Final balance of both accounts combined: 5255.81

Use two classes, a SavingsAccount class and a YourNameProg4 as your Driver class.


SavingsAccount.java class

In the SavingsAccount class, declare a class variable called annualInterestRate, an instance constant called ACCOUNT_NUMBER, and an instance variable called balance. Provide a two-parameter constructor to initialize the instance constant and instance variable, and provide accessors for the instance constant and instance variable. Provide an addMonthlyInterest method to update the balance, by adding (balance * annualInterestRate / 12) to the current balance.

You are also required to provide a class method that sets the annual interest rate.


YourNameProg4.java class

In the YourNameProg4 Driver class, instantiate the saver1 and saver2 objects. Set the annual interest rate at 0.05. Print the table heading lines. Use a for loop to print the initial account numbers and balances and the account numbers and balances each month after that month interest has been added. After the last month printout, compute and display the total of both balances.


Your driver should generate the following outputs:


Monthly balances for one year with 0.05 annual interest:

Month Account # Balance Account # Balance

----- --------- ------- --------- -------

0 10002 2000.00 10003 3000.00

1 10002 2008.33 10003 3012.50

2 10002 2016.70 10003 3025.05

3 10002 2025.10 10003 3037.66

4 10002 2033.54 10003 3050.31

5 10002 2042.02 10003 3063.02

6 10002 2050.52 10003 3075.79

7 10002 2059.07 10003 3088.60

8 10002 2067.65 10003 3101.47

9 10002 2076.26 10003 3114.39

10 10002 2084.91 10003 3127.37

11 10002 2093.60 10003 3140.40

12 10002 2102.32 10003 3153.49

Final balance of both accounts combined: 5255.81

It will help to put your code too and someone here can help you fix the error.


How to make backgrounds?

I'm trying to start a website where people can use my backgrounds for myspace and facebook, but I don't know how to make my own backgrounds. Can anyone tell me how or a website that can tell me?

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Does anyone know somewhere online where I can easily learn DOS code?

I need it to be free

Dos commands:


Windows Command Line:


DOS Batch file tutorials:


Most hacking revolves around the command line. The way to separate techs, admins, and hackers from the users are that they do not like to rely on GUI (Graphical User Interface) software, which usually can only be run within windows. DOS is the lowest level of programming, but also the most useful for everyday use (besides scripting maybe). Good luck on your endeavors.

nothing teaches you better than playing on the field. Open a dos command and type help. That will give you a list of commands available. for each command, type help commandname. Try using all options. except format & delete most of the other commands will let you get away with any nonsense.

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DOS? didn't think anyone uses that anymore.

I have a problem with Piczo?

I have a site on piczo and Its not letting me delete or move anything please help me! 10 points to the first person who tells me something that works!

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Question of HTML entities?

As you know entities such as '&amp' , '&gt' are used to represent special characters in HTML. However, when I need to print these entities on my web pages, how can I achieve it?

Example: you want to display these 5 characters as-is on your page (you don't want them just shown as the single character '&'):


To do that, put these characters in your HTML:


The first 5 characters will be displayed as '&' and the remaining characters will be displayed as-is.

Change all character entities' "&"s to their character entity to show on your web page. Or use this free online tool to convert all HTML code to format needed to show on a web page:



Need help on a report in access 2007 please!?

" Design a report that will prompt the user for a reservation number. After supplying the reservation number, the report will show all information about the reservation. Format the report professionally. "

So I have a reservation table (which has reservation number, flight number, charge, paid, client id). I am supposed to make a report, where it prompts you to type the reservation number in immediately, and then the the report will display all information (flight number, if paid etc) only for the reservation number you typed.

I have no idea how to do it, any help?

Create a query against the reservation table and in the Reservation Number field type the phrase:

[Enter Reservation Number]

It will prompt you for a reservation number and only show the data for the number you enter. Use the query as the data source for your report.

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You may contact an access expert live at website like http://ijug.net/ ,etc .

Who knows the code to take off JUST the writing

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The video's im trying to incoperate cannot be imported.

It says "QuickTime" cannot understand.

I'm getting my videos from youtube and downloading them on vixy.net, so I'm assuming i'm saving it wrong or downloading it wrong?

Help, please?

I need to import these videos.

convert the video files into a different format. since it is windows movie maker, they allow .wmv files.

here's a site where you can convert any files for free.


it might be because the format you're downloading them is wrong. movie maker can only import files that are asf, .avi, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, and .wmv

Are you using Windows MovieMaker? The best file type to use associate with that program is .wmv, it's very compatible. Let me know if this works!

I would like to do online Project?

I would like to do online Project related to programming Plz suggest me the link of website where i can do it. Thanx in advance!


hope it helped

You can check project assignment help website like http://ijug.net/ ,etc .

What do you think of..................?

im 15 and this is the first website i have ever made. please look at it and tell me what i need to improve on and what i did well



Very nice well done!:)

Love the font use! Very brave!:D

It looks good, but the background make it hard to read.

Can't get back to other pages after clicking on the tabs unless I hit the back button.

No navigation menu

Text on tab hard to read.

On dial-up it might be slow to load due to the large images on the tabbed pages

Its very good for a first Try

My only creationism is the background, its a bit to lively make it hard to read the text.

How do I set up the R4I for DSI?

the thing doesn't come with a CD like the old ones.I need all the files to make it work in the dsi.Give me the link to where I can download them

r4i isnt official, its from the people who made r4ultra


there is the firmware for R4i and R4Ultra

C programming question: how to send an array into functions?`?

I want to send an array "canvas" into each of the function prototypes, but the compiler always says the "row" and "column" in canvas[row][column] when I'm defining the functions are not defined there. What is wrong with what I'm putting?

Also, how am I supposed to send arrays into functions? What I have to send the array "canvas" into the functions are the last four lines of the code below, but it doesn't work. What should I do?

Please help! Thanks in advance!

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#define SIZE 25

void line(char canvas[row][column]);

void unfilled(char canvas[row][column]);

void filled(char canvas[row][column]);

void printarray(char canvas[row][column]);

int main(void)


int row, column;

char canvas[row][column];

printf("Welcome to the ASCII Art program.\n");

printf("Please make sure when entering your values that\nyou start from the left side going right\n");

printf("Have fun!\n");





} //end main function

You don't. Pass a POINTER to the first element of the array.

Where can I get the code of the game REVERSI aka OTHELLO ?

Hi there.

Can someone please help me? I need the source code in C /C of the game REVERSI (also known as Othello).

Its better if it involves graphics but will also work without graphics.

The person who gives the code with graphics fastest will get the best answer

plzz help me guys. thanks

There are quite a few sites, what you need to do is find out the algorithm, the site experts-exhange is good place to go, Sourceforge is also good, but I did find a simple version on http://www.koders.com/c/fidCD50AE30EDF91...

and another on


and there is a graphics version on


Hope these helph

Try searching soruceforge.net.

How can I add a set number to an existing variable in a batch file?

I need to know how to make a variable... almost like

Set variable %money% %26lt;--- or something

and then set the variable to an amount, and then be able to add to the variable using %26quot;set /a%26quot;

Is this what you are looking for?


It shows how to add two numbers in dos batch file.


Where can I find RPG source code in C ?

Where can I find RPG tips/tutorial/source code in C ? I want one so ill get even the slightest idea of how should I make RPG using C and so ill get some enthusiasm.

http://www.sourceforge.net is a great place for open source software with full source code. E.G try theese


In lexicographic sort, is uppercase before lowercase?

For example, is M less than m?

In ASCII it is. In EBCDIC, lower case comes first.

Freewebs Website Help?

When you create a freewebs account is there a way to make it private, or only your friends can view it?








: . . . .

blogspot, the orange and purple combination is delicious

edit: no, i wanna create one but i dont knoe how to


Java problem: cannot find symbol?

I'm trying to write a Java program that uses several classes. I have a class called Salaried, which is extending Employee. Here is the problem I get:

Salaried.java:18: cannot find symbol

symbol : constructor Employee()

location: class Employee



The line of code that is having this problem is this:

public Salaried(String name, String street, String city, double salary)


It is pointing at that brace and saying it cannot find symbol in the constructor Empolyee, which has a symbol that looks like this:

public Employee(String name, String street, String city)


I can't figure out why it is saying cannot find symbol, so any help or advice you can give me is greatly appreciated!

apparently, your trying to make create a new employee using

new Employee()

and its telling you that constructor is not defined. If you have a constructor with arguments, then you must use it:

new Employee(null, null, null, 0);

or add a no-arg constructor

What are some websites were i can get cute pictures?

Iv been looking everywhere for pictures that flash like this one


Websites would be helpful thanks :)


You can get cute animal pictures at http://www.cuteoverload.com

A Free website Where I can build a webpage?

Im looking for a website where you can create your own webpage for no fee. Can you help? Thank you

There is tons,




Projects And Programming Helps-


zoomshare ive never tried it but my friend told me it works and its free

How can I make a friendster layout?

Please help me!

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Typical solutions to the following errors in this compiler log?

OK, found a way to shorten this question...

The code itself is fairly long, so I posted the compiler log below. What are some typical problems/solutions that arise from these kind of error messages?

Compiler: Default compiler

Building Makefile: "C:\Dev-Cpp\Makefile.win"

Executing make...

make.exe -f "C:\Dev-Cpp\Makefile.win" all

g .exe -c AddressBook.cpp -o AddressBook.o -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.2/incl... -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c /3.4.2/backward... -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c /3.4.2/mingw32" -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c /3.4.2" -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include"

AddressBook.cpp:5: error: definition of implicitly-declared `AddressBook::AddressBook()'

AddressBook.cpp:5: error: declaration of `AddressBook::AddressBook()' throws different exceptions

AddressBook.h:8: error: than previous declaration `AddressBook::AddressBook() throw ()'

AddressBook.cpp:9: error: no `AddressBook::~AddressBook()' member function declared in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.cpp:13: error: prototype for `void AddressBook::SetFirstName(std::string)' does not match any in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.h:23: error: candidate is: void AddressBook::SetFirstName(const char*)

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `void AddressBook::SetFirstName(std::string)':

AddressBook.cpp:14: error: `first_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp:14: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:18: error: prototype for `std::string AddressBook::GetFirstName()' does not match any in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.h:34: error: candidate is: void AddressBook::GetFirstName(char*, int) const

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `std::string AddressBook::GetFirstName()':

AddressBook.cpp:19: error: `first_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:23: error: prototype for `void AddressBook::SetLastName(std::string)' does not match any in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.h:24: error: candidate is: void AddressBook::SetLastName(const char*)

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `void AddressBook::SetLastName(std::string)':

AddressBook.cpp:24: error: `last_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:28: error: prototype for `std::string AddressBook::GetLastName()' does not match any in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.h:35: error: candidate is: void AddressBook::GetLastName(char*, int) const

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `std::string AddressBook::GetLastName()':

AddressBook.cpp:29: error: `last_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:33: error: no `void AddressBook::SetId(long int)' member function declared in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `void AddressBook::SetId(long int)':

AddressBook.cpp:34: error: `id_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:38: error: no `long int AddressBook::GetId()' member function declared in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `long int AddressBook::GetId()':

AddressBook.cpp:39: error: `id_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:43: error: no `void AddressBook::Populate()' member function declared in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `void AddressBook::Populate()':

AddressBook.cpp:45: error: `first_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp:48: error: `last_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp:51: error: `id_' undeclared (first use this function)

make.exe: *** [AddressBook.o] Error 1

Execution terminated

When you define constructors with arguments you must also include a no argument constructor.

Also, it appears that you did not have the prototypes in the class definition.

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