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Monday, April 13, 2009


So I've got a computer practical exam tomorrow in about 20 hours and I really need help in frontpage and powerpoint.The test is 2hr 30 mins long and using internet for assistance is allowed.So I need a little help tomorrow from someone to assist me during the exam.

For now I need help in frontpage in these questions

1)-Using a suitable software package, prepare the following styles for use within all

pages on this website:

?h1 ?black, serif font, 20 pixels, centre aligned, bold

?h2 ?blue, serif font, bold, 18 pixels, centre aligned

?h3 ?black, serif font, 16 pixels, left aligned

?li ?black, sans-serif font, 14 pixels, bullet points, left aligned

?p ?dark blue, sans-serif font, 14 pixels, left aligned, italic

Save the style sheet and attach it to each web page as you create it. Make sure

that the style sheet that you prepare will work in any browser.

2)-Using a suitable software package, create a new homepage SAMPLE.HTM

This page will have a table below the heading and menu options below the table.

It should look like this:(picture not there)

3)-Attach the external style sheet that you saved at Step 22.

Ensure (by removing code if necessary) that, if you are using a WYSIWYG

package, the styles are not overridden by the package.

4)-In the top left corner add the text Last edited by and add your name, Centre

number and candidate number.

Set this text to style h3.

5)- Enter the heading Sample Website for client X

Set this text to style h1.

Please I really need to know this as fast as possible and I hope someone helps me during the exams.

Tutorial for HTML, CSS and other web languages


HTML tag lookup


As for frontpage well you are on your own there.

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