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Monday, April 13, 2009

Does anyone know somewhere online where I can easily learn DOS code?

I need it to be free

Dos commands:


Windows Command Line:


DOS Batch file tutorials:


Most hacking revolves around the command line. The way to separate techs, admins, and hackers from the users are that they do not like to rely on GUI (Graphical User Interface) software, which usually can only be run within windows. DOS is the lowest level of programming, but also the most useful for everyday use (besides scripting maybe). Good luck on your endeavors.

nothing teaches you better than playing on the field. Open a dos command and type help. That will give you a list of commands available. for each command, type help commandname. Try using all options. except format & delete most of the other commands will let you get away with any nonsense.

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DOS? didn't think anyone uses that anymore.

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