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Monday, April 13, 2009

Java problem: cannot find symbol?

I'm trying to write a Java program that uses several classes. I have a class called Salaried, which is extending Employee. Here is the problem I get:

Salaried.java:18: cannot find symbol

symbol : constructor Employee()

location: class Employee



The line of code that is having this problem is this:

public Salaried(String name, String street, String city, double salary)


It is pointing at that brace and saying it cannot find symbol in the constructor Empolyee, which has a symbol that looks like this:

public Employee(String name, String street, String city)


I can't figure out why it is saying cannot find symbol, so any help or advice you can give me is greatly appreciated!

apparently, your trying to make create a new employee using

new Employee()

and its telling you that constructor is not defined. If you have a constructor with arguments, then you must use it:

new Employee(null, null, null, 0);

or add a no-arg constructor

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