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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My file is broken, how do I fix it?

I used AVG to full scan my computer and there was no infections, but there was a problem with my C:\Windows\Temp\TMP0000003FE7A64C26A3F2B . It says the file is signed with a broken digital signature, issued by: iMesh Inc.. I

How real are these sights?

This site:


Each time when I shut down my laptop it starts installing updates (since weeks). How to stop this?


Video Editing,

If you go on youtube, You see Meekakitty, Wheezywaiter, and MysteryGuitarMan with 2 of himself in a single video frame.

What software does that and how?


Can I upload pictures for my kids to colour in using Microsoft Paint?

Am sure at one time that I could select a picture (ie: bulldozer) that my son could fill in and paint using Microsoft Paint? Is there anybody that knows how to do this or if I need to download software to do it?

I haven

Parallel Deskstop Recycle Bin Problem!!?

Ok.. So I currently have Parallel Desktop 4.0 Windows XP for Macs, and my Mac is running out of space so I

Looking for customer reviews for Western Digital My Passport Essential 500 GB USB 2 0 Portable...?

...External Hard Drive WDME5000TN

Where can I find reviews and opinions online for Western Digital My Passport Essential 500 GB USB 2 0 Portable External Hard Drive WDME5000TN
Western Digital 500GB My Passport Essential Hard Drive

Carry your music, video, and photos in style with Western Digital My Passport Essential Portable Hard Drive. Big capacity in a small design. These elegant portable drives are simple to use, light and easy to carry, and require no power adapter as they are powered directly through the USB cable. The My Passport also works with either Windows and Mac. Synchronize files between home and office and encrypt everything on the drive for added security. The 500GB storage capacity is enough to hold 2 1/2 DAYS of HD Video or over 125,000 digital photos and the included Google Software allows you to search your drive, manage your photos, and simplify Web searches with included Google software. (Windows only) .

This Drive Holds

* Up to 142,000 digital photos

* Up to 125,000 songs (MP3)

* Up to 220 hours of DVD quality video

* Up to 60 hours of HD video
Listen to the 1-star reviews!!!, September 18, 2009

By J. Pritt (U.S.A.)

Great size, nice design, works flawlessly in the beginning, but after about 6 months it suddenly started making a clicking noise and stopped working. I really wish I would give this a good review because it

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