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Monday, April 13, 2009

What programing languages would i have to learn?

i want to learn to write a browser

and i also want to learn to make video games. so i was wondering what langueges would have to learn to do so

For video games I'd say C and python. Not all game companies use C anymore and almost NONE use python, but those two languages will give you a LOT of practice with the ALGORITHMS (processes) games use to play.

For a browser I'd have to give you the answer I give when people ask me what language to write an OS in. You can write it practically in anything so long as you know what you are doing. HTTP is itself is a language I just heard a lecture on a couple of months ago, but you implement it in just about anything. Firefox and Seamonkey use a language called XUL which is implemented by a rather small engine written in C . Webmonkey has a tutorial on how to write a web browser mainly in Javascript -- as part of its javascript tutorial. People have literally written simple oses in java, pascal and the old microsoft basic. Just so, once you begin to understand how to talk to the net you can write your browser in anything.

This is a question that is difficult to answer. There is no single language used for everything.

Most common modern languages can be used to create both browsers and games. Are you looking at building these on the Windows platform? Languages using the .Net framework (C# or Vb.Net) may be a good balance of power and ease to learn.

I believe commercial apps/games are written in lower level languages still, such as C or C , but there is a larger learning curve for these.

Hell.. even try scripting languages. Python has a library Pygame which looks easy to use. Java has a heap of libraries for game creation.

Honestly though, don't aim too big starting out. Get basic concepts down pat and work from there. Once you learn one language (paradigm) learning another language is easy.

Browser-based applications are generally written in JavaScript, Flash, or Java, assuming that's what you'd like to do. JavaScript, in this case, may be the easiest to learn, although it doesn't make for a great first language.

As for games, Java is relatively easy to learn, and has great libraries for both general applications and for game design. jMonkeyEngine ( http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/ ) is one of the more notable game development libraries for Java.

Python is also becoming a more popular game programming language, with games such FretsOnFire (http://fretsonfire.sourceforge.net/) being written using libraries such as PyGame. Python is well known for it's readability and simplicity.

C and C are the more "traditional" methods for creating games. Personally, I find the syntax to be much harder to read and understand compared to Java and Python (known as "obfuscation"), but there are many great libraries available.

In the end, it really comes to a matter of preference- you should look at some code for each of the languages and decide which you like best.

u cant write a sentence without learning a,b,c,d... like this u cant understand how to make games.you have to learn from the beginning.

1.basic programming




5.visual basic

and some more modern programming are being developed.so u have to start from the beginning.best of luck.if u like it dont 4get to give vote

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