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Monday, April 13, 2009

C# code help. Creating Dealership software for project?

Okay Im working on this project where I have to create an object oriented solution. I have to code scheduling service/repairs and order parts plus ordering new vehicles or increasing and decreasing the amount in stock currently. Im not great with coding and need some major help. Please anyone give me some ideas or help.

While I can't give you specific code for your homework assignment (or project, as the case may be), I can give you a few tips, and I trust it helps.

First, because this IS OOP (Object Oriented Programming), the first thing is to determine what "objects" you need.

For instance, you need car parts, and each car part has certain properties, functions and activities. That which is common to ALL car parts would be included in the master "Car Part" class, and all car parts would inherit from this master "Car Part" class.

Some of the properties might be a read-only "Price", a "Quantity in Stock" property, etc.

Since I don't know much about car repair, I can only give you some ideas.

Think in terms of actual real-world objects that you can mimic in software, and think in terms of details that an actual car dealership might be faced with.

Good luck with your project, and happy programming.

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