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Monday, April 13, 2009

Access 2003 how to end/close another program?

MS Access 2003

I have a Table with 20 fields - one of the field is a HYPERLINK to an image/picture (using MS Paint Program.


Field #1 - CompanyName

Field #2 - ContactPerson1

Field #3 - HYPERLINK IMAGE1 to Image using MSPaint Program

I have a "COMMAND Button - NEXTQUERY1" on a FORM (on a Select Query with Parameter pop-up box)

When this Command Button on the Form is clicked, it runs a MACRO to

- run the SELECT Query so the Parameter pop-up box pops up automatically AND

- close the last FORM showing the result of the last Select Query.

On this Form, there is also this FIELD#3 - HYPERLINK IMAGE1 (this hyperlink when click pop-ups an Image using MS Paint).

I am NOT using SQL or VBA

I am using Access set applications with Macros only.


1. I would like to incorporate into the COMMAND BUTTON NEXTQUERY1 (which is on the FORM) to automatically close the MS Paint Program/Image Pop-up as well when it close the last SelectQuery Form.

Thank you very much for your help.

It is possible to manipulate other applications via the Windows API, but you won't be able to do that via macros; it will require VBA, and rather advanced VBA at that.

Perhaps you would be served by using an Image object on your Access form. This would work if you don't actually need to edit the image, but just display it, like for instance a pic of your contact person.


hold ctrl alt and delete and click start task manager all open programs should show up

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