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Monday, April 13, 2009

How to make a jar file from .class file?

I have the .class file but i do not know how to convert it into an executable .jar file. im using linux.

Irrespective of your operating system, the concepts are still the same.

Once you have your class file, use the jar command. Look in its help options to see. It is quite simple.

If you want someone to do a

java -jar yourjarfile.jar

and be able to run the main program, you will need to put the main-class entry in the manifest file.

I am assuming you are using command line interface. If you use an IDE like eclipse (which is free), it is a simple matter of couple of clicks to create the jar file.

Good luck!

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How do i import adobe after effects Effect files?

i got one from a torrent using vuze and i opened it (it was a .rar file) with 7-bit. But this is the problem, its in an .AEX file format. when i try to import it, it says its not a supported file format. so does anybody know how to change it to the correct file format?

1st of all im going to complain about using torrent's to get plug-ins the people who create these plug-ins work for month to create use full effect for projects etc. (that's my grumble out of the way).

program files -> adobe -> after effects(cs3 - cs4 etc) -> support files -> Plug-ins and just paste it in that folder.

What programing languages would i have to learn?

i want to learn to write a browser

and i also want to learn to make video games. so i was wondering what langueges would have to learn to do so

For video games I'd say C and python. Not all game companies use C anymore and almost NONE use python, but those two languages will give you a LOT of practice with the ALGORITHMS (processes) games use to play.

For a browser I'd have to give you the answer I give when people ask me what language to write an OS in. You can write it practically in anything so long as you know what you are doing. HTTP is itself is a language I just heard a lecture on a couple of months ago, but you implement it in just about anything. Firefox and Seamonkey use a language called XUL which is implemented by a rather small engine written in C . Webmonkey has a tutorial on how to write a web browser mainly in Javascript -- as part of its javascript tutorial. People have literally written simple oses in java, pascal and the old microsoft basic. Just so, once you begin to understand how to talk to the net you can write your browser in anything.

This is a question that is difficult to answer. There is no single language used for everything.

Most common modern languages can be used to create both browsers and games. Are you looking at building these on the Windows platform? Languages using the .Net framework (C# or Vb.Net) may be a good balance of power and ease to learn.

I believe commercial apps/games are written in lower level languages still, such as C or C , but there is a larger learning curve for these.

Hell.. even try scripting languages. Python has a library Pygame which looks easy to use. Java has a heap of libraries for game creation.

Honestly though, don't aim too big starting out. Get basic concepts down pat and work from there. Once you learn one language (paradigm) learning another language is easy.

Browser-based applications are generally written in JavaScript, Flash, or Java, assuming that's what you'd like to do. JavaScript, in this case, may be the easiest to learn, although it doesn't make for a great first language.

As for games, Java is relatively easy to learn, and has great libraries for both general applications and for game design. jMonkeyEngine ( http://www.jmonkeyengine.com/ ) is one of the more notable game development libraries for Java.

Python is also becoming a more popular game programming language, with games such FretsOnFire (http://fretsonfire.sourceforge.net/) being written using libraries such as PyGame. Python is well known for it's readability and simplicity.

C and C are the more "traditional" methods for creating games. Personally, I find the syntax to be much harder to read and understand compared to Java and Python (known as "obfuscation"), but there are many great libraries available.

In the end, it really comes to a matter of preference- you should look at some code for each of the languages and decide which you like best.

u cant write a sentence without learning a,b,c,d... like this u cant understand how to make games.you have to learn from the beginning.

1.basic programming




5.visual basic

and some more modern programming are being developed.so u have to start from the beginning.best of luck.if u like it dont 4get to give vote

How to get the one before last record in access DB?

I am working on a port movement sheet for my ship and I want to know the port that I have been before the last one. This is for making a crewlist. How can I do that?. I tried using expression builder and multiple queries but it was a long process. There must be an easier way. Please help. I am using Access 2003 by the way.

According to what? A date? If so, sort by that date in descending order, then iterate to the second record.

None of my antivirus/antispyware software will update?

Okay, I think I have a virus that my antivirus hasn't detected because it cannot update and download the latest definitions. Bitdefender Total Security won't update and Spyware Doctor won't update. And I just tried Norton Gaming Edition and it would not update. I know that when I download the updates manually in .exe form I can install them, but I wanna know what is causing this, any ideas please help!!!!!

1. turn off your system restore.

2. download Comodo Internet Security (http://www.comodo.com)

3. Install and scan when ask.

4. After reboot, restore your system restore.

How do you update avira antivirus?

as in where do you download the updates and how do you install them?


Download 'IVDF (unicode)'.

In the Avira interface, click 'update' menu, choose 'manual update' & browse for the zip file. Updates will install automatically.



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So I've got a computer practical exam tomorrow in about 20 hours and I really need help in frontpage and powerpoint.The test is 2hr 30 mins long and using internet for assistance is allowed.So I need a little help tomorrow from someone to assist me during the exam.

For now I need help in frontpage in these questions

1)-Using a suitable software package, prepare the following styles for use within all

pages on this website:

?h1 ?black, serif font, 20 pixels, centre aligned, bold

?h2 ?blue, serif font, bold, 18 pixels, centre aligned

?h3 ?black, serif font, 16 pixels, left aligned

?li ?black, sans-serif font, 14 pixels, bullet points, left aligned

?p ?dark blue, sans-serif font, 14 pixels, left aligned, italic

Save the style sheet and attach it to each web page as you create it. Make sure

that the style sheet that you prepare will work in any browser.

2)-Using a suitable software package, create a new homepage SAMPLE.HTM

This page will have a table below the heading and menu options below the table.

It should look like this:(picture not there)

3)-Attach the external style sheet that you saved at Step 22.

Ensure (by removing code if necessary) that, if you are using a WYSIWYG

package, the styles are not overridden by the package.

4)-In the top left corner add the text Last edited by and add your name, Centre

number and candidate number.

Set this text to style h3.

5)- Enter the heading Sample Website for client X

Set this text to style h1.

Please I really need to know this as fast as possible and I hope someone helps me during the exams.

Tutorial for HTML, CSS and other web languages


HTML tag lookup


As for frontpage well you are on your own there.

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Applications of Strings in DBMS, Programming languages, and Word processing. Any 2 can be explained.?

Like in DBMS how it helps in querying. And in Word Processing one instance is of the Find and Replace option provided through the usage of strings...

What I want is that I need to know how this is internally done using strings...A page about each..Thankyou.....

Strings are nothing but collection of characters. In simple English it is like a "WORD".

1.In "DBMS querying" you need to display the records that are relevant to the question. Consider that you have a student database. If you need to see the records of a student AAA, then you query the data base with the string AAA. Here the STRING AAA is searched with all records and if there is any record that has the name AAA it shows that student's record.

2.In Word processing (as you have said) you have the FIND AND REPLACE option that works using strings. Here you type the STRING to be needed. For example consider that you need to find the string BBB in the entire document. Now when you give find the word processor searches the entire document for the word BBB. If it occurs anywhere then it will invoke the replace function and replace this occurrence of BBB with the new string.

3.Programming languages???All the above processes like querying in DBMS and FIND and REPLACE in word processors are done using programming languages. They use a STRING variable (just like a normal integer or character variable) and search the document for any similar value. If a similar value is found ,DBMS displays the result whereas WORD PROCESSOR issues the replace command.

Hope I helped :-)

If you consider 'strings' as meaning a set of ASCII characters, it will make more sense. In any of the situations you've given there is a search for specific ASCII or ANSI characters. If the search comes up with a result then the next part of the program kicks in (like Replace). This is why some searches are picky about upper and lower case letters because one has a different ASCII code to the other. In web searches they have a subroutine that can decide if an upper or lower case letter means the same to the operator, such as 'c' or 'C'.

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I just downloaded a binary file called password recovery.exe and can

I paid for the download. Where would that be stored on my computer. I hit the save button and then a box appeared with nothing in it. Then to the far bottom right of the computer it said that download was complete. Any ideas?

could be a virus thats already installed itself and infected your computer :/

I want free oracla 10 g software if u know the link pls suggest me?

Oracle provides 10g express edition for non-commercial and educational use, I use it; it's very good.

see this link:


I'm really close to level 2 need a little push plz select as best answer if I've helped u. :)

Direct Link to 10G Express, it is the free version for development:


try it from oracle site itself


not free


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Help...with my space layouts?

I cant add a layout to my new profile...I copied and pasted it into the about me section and the they layout does not show only the add for the web site shows...I'v tryied 3 differnt websiteas and codes what am I doing wrong

Do you have the 2.0 layout??

What do you think of..................?

i just made a website. its the first one i have ever made. please tell me what is good about it, what is bad, and what i need to fix. please rate on scale from 1-10



it's good for your first time but if you choose a better font for the body it would be better and change the color of the font on the tabs because it's a little hard to read, but other then that you did a really good job!

its great

you get 8/10

C# code help. Creating Dealership software for project?

Okay Im working on this project where I have to create an object oriented solution. I have to code scheduling service/repairs and order parts plus ordering new vehicles or increasing and decreasing the amount in stock currently. Im not great with coding and need some major help. Please anyone give me some ideas or help.

While I can't give you specific code for your homework assignment (or project, as the case may be), I can give you a few tips, and I trust it helps.

First, because this IS OOP (Object Oriented Programming), the first thing is to determine what "objects" you need.

For instance, you need car parts, and each car part has certain properties, functions and activities. That which is common to ALL car parts would be included in the master "Car Part" class, and all car parts would inherit from this master "Car Part" class.

Some of the properties might be a read-only "Price", a "Quantity in Stock" property, etc.

Since I don't know much about car repair, I can only give you some ideas.

Think in terms of actual real-world objects that you can mimic in software, and think in terms of details that an actual car dealership might be faced with.

Good luck with your project, and happy programming.

Access 2003 how to end/close another program?

MS Access 2003

I have a Table with 20 fields - one of the field is a HYPERLINK to an image/picture (using MS Paint Program.


Field #1 - CompanyName

Field #2 - ContactPerson1

Field #3 - HYPERLINK IMAGE1 to Image using MSPaint Program

I have a "COMMAND Button - NEXTQUERY1" on a FORM (on a Select Query with Parameter pop-up box)

When this Command Button on the Form is clicked, it runs a MACRO to

- run the SELECT Query so the Parameter pop-up box pops up automatically AND

- close the last FORM showing the result of the last Select Query.

On this Form, there is also this FIELD#3 - HYPERLINK IMAGE1 (this hyperlink when click pop-ups an Image using MS Paint).

I am NOT using SQL or VBA

I am using Access set applications with Macros only.


1. I would like to incorporate into the COMMAND BUTTON NEXTQUERY1 (which is on the FORM) to automatically close the MS Paint Program/Image Pop-up as well when it close the last SelectQuery Form.

Thank you very much for your help.

It is possible to manipulate other applications via the Windows API, but you won't be able to do that via macros; it will require VBA, and rather advanced VBA at that.

Perhaps you would be served by using an Image object on your Access form. This would work if you don't actually need to edit the image, but just display it, like for instance a pic of your contact person.


hold ctrl alt and delete and click start task manager all open programs should show up

Website Creation Help?

I want to setup a website where users will have the ability to signup for a user name and password, and the system will automatically create a log-in for them on the server. i understand there are some ways of doing this, but they generally take you to a basic protected page. I want EACH user to have there own account information page, favorite videos page, etc.

I know how to do HTML, but I'm not aware of any HTML that would accomplish this. Can someone point me to a way of doing this?

you would need some kind of database, access but probably SQL to manage something like this.

Help with a Java program?

Overall Requirements

Write a program that establishes two savings accounts with saver1 having account number 10002 with an initial balance of $2,000, and saver2 having account 10003 with an initial balance of $3,000. Set a common rate of interest at 5% per year. At the end of each month, update the balance by adding one month interest to the balance, so that the balance compounds monthly. Print an output that displays the month number and the account number and the balance for each of the two accounts. Use month 0 to display the initial balances, month 1 to display the balances after the first month interest, and so on. At the end of the year, display the total balance for both accounts combined, like this:


Monthly balances for one year with 0.05 annual interest:

Month Account # Balance Account # Balance

----- --------- ------- --------- -------

0 10002 2000.00 10003 3000.00

1 10002 2008.33 10003 3012.50

2 10002 2016.70 10003 3025.05

3 10002 2025.10 10003 3037.66

4 10002 2033.54 10003 3050.31

5 10002 2042.02 10003 3063.02

6 10002 2050.52 10003 3075.79

7 10002 2059.07 10003 3088.60

8 10002 2067.65 10003 3101.47

9 10002 2076.26 10003 3114.39

10 10002 2084.91 10003 3127.37

11 10002 2093.60 10003 3140.40

12 10002 2102.32 10003 3153.49

Final balance of both accounts combined: 5255.81

Use two classes, a SavingsAccount class and a YourNameProg4 as your Driver class.


SavingsAccount.java class

In the SavingsAccount class, declare a class variable called annualInterestRate, an instance constant called ACCOUNT_NUMBER, and an instance variable called balance. Provide a two-parameter constructor to initialize the instance constant and instance variable, and provide accessors for the instance constant and instance variable. Provide an addMonthlyInterest method to update the balance, by adding (balance * annualInterestRate / 12) to the current balance.

You are also required to provide a class method that sets the annual interest rate.


YourNameProg4.java class

In the YourNameProg4 Driver class, instantiate the saver1 and saver2 objects. Set the annual interest rate at 0.05. Print the table heading lines. Use a for loop to print the initial account numbers and balances and the account numbers and balances each month after that month interest has been added. After the last month printout, compute and display the total of both balances.


Your driver should generate the following outputs:


Monthly balances for one year with 0.05 annual interest:

Month Account # Balance Account # Balance

----- --------- ------- --------- -------

0 10002 2000.00 10003 3000.00

1 10002 2008.33 10003 3012.50

2 10002 2016.70 10003 3025.05

3 10002 2025.10 10003 3037.66

4 10002 2033.54 10003 3050.31

5 10002 2042.02 10003 3063.02

6 10002 2050.52 10003 3075.79

7 10002 2059.07 10003 3088.60

8 10002 2067.65 10003 3101.47

9 10002 2076.26 10003 3114.39

10 10002 2084.91 10003 3127.37

11 10002 2093.60 10003 3140.40

12 10002 2102.32 10003 3153.49

Final balance of both accounts combined: 5255.81

It will help to put your code too and someone here can help you fix the error.


How to make backgrounds?

I'm trying to start a website where people can use my backgrounds for myspace and facebook, but I don't know how to make my own backgrounds. Can anyone tell me how or a website that can tell me?

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Does anyone know somewhere online where I can easily learn DOS code?

I need it to be free

Dos commands:


Windows Command Line:


DOS Batch file tutorials:


Most hacking revolves around the command line. The way to separate techs, admins, and hackers from the users are that they do not like to rely on GUI (Graphical User Interface) software, which usually can only be run within windows. DOS is the lowest level of programming, but also the most useful for everyday use (besides scripting maybe). Good luck on your endeavors.

nothing teaches you better than playing on the field. Open a dos command and type help. That will give you a list of commands available. for each command, type help commandname. Try using all options. except format & delete most of the other commands will let you get away with any nonsense.

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DOS? didn't think anyone uses that anymore.

I have a problem with Piczo?

I have a site on piczo and Its not letting me delete or move anything please help me! 10 points to the first person who tells me something that works!

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Question of HTML entities?

As you know entities such as '&amp' , '&gt' are used to represent special characters in HTML. However, when I need to print these entities on my web pages, how can I achieve it?

Example: you want to display these 5 characters as-is on your page (you don't want them just shown as the single character '&'):


To do that, put these characters in your HTML:


The first 5 characters will be displayed as '&' and the remaining characters will be displayed as-is.

Change all character entities' "&"s to their character entity to show on your web page. Or use this free online tool to convert all HTML code to format needed to show on a web page:



Need help on a report in access 2007 please!?

" Design a report that will prompt the user for a reservation number. After supplying the reservation number, the report will show all information about the reservation. Format the report professionally. "

So I have a reservation table (which has reservation number, flight number, charge, paid, client id). I am supposed to make a report, where it prompts you to type the reservation number in immediately, and then the the report will display all information (flight number, if paid etc) only for the reservation number you typed.

I have no idea how to do it, any help?

Create a query against the reservation table and in the Reservation Number field type the phrase:

[Enter Reservation Number]

It will prompt you for a reservation number and only show the data for the number you enter. Use the query as the data source for your report.

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You may contact an access expert live at website like http://ijug.net/ ,etc .

Who knows the code to take off JUST the writing

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The video's im trying to incoperate cannot be imported.

It says "QuickTime" cannot understand.

I'm getting my videos from youtube and downloading them on vixy.net, so I'm assuming i'm saving it wrong or downloading it wrong?

Help, please?

I need to import these videos.

convert the video files into a different format. since it is windows movie maker, they allow .wmv files.

here's a site where you can convert any files for free.


it might be because the format you're downloading them is wrong. movie maker can only import files that are asf, .avi, .m1v, .mp2, .mp2v, .mpe, .mpeg, .mpg, .mpv2, .wm, and .wmv

Are you using Windows MovieMaker? The best file type to use associate with that program is .wmv, it's very compatible. Let me know if this works!

I would like to do online Project?

I would like to do online Project related to programming Plz suggest me the link of website where i can do it. Thanx in advance!


hope it helped

You can check project assignment help website like http://ijug.net/ ,etc .

What do you think of..................?

im 15 and this is the first website i have ever made. please look at it and tell me what i need to improve on and what i did well



Very nice well done!:)

Love the font use! Very brave!:D

It looks good, but the background make it hard to read.

Can't get back to other pages after clicking on the tabs unless I hit the back button.

No navigation menu

Text on tab hard to read.

On dial-up it might be slow to load due to the large images on the tabbed pages

Its very good for a first Try

My only creationism is the background, its a bit to lively make it hard to read the text.

How do I set up the R4I for DSI?

the thing doesn't come with a CD like the old ones.I need all the files to make it work in the dsi.Give me the link to where I can download them

r4i isnt official, its from the people who made r4ultra


there is the firmware for R4i and R4Ultra

C programming question: how to send an array into functions?`?

I want to send an array "canvas" into each of the function prototypes, but the compiler always says the "row" and "column" in canvas[row][column] when I'm defining the functions are not defined there. What is wrong with what I'm putting?

Also, how am I supposed to send arrays into functions? What I have to send the array "canvas" into the functions are the last four lines of the code below, but it doesn't work. What should I do?

Please help! Thanks in advance!

#include <stdio.h>

#include <stdlib.h>

#define SIZE 25

void line(char canvas[row][column]);

void unfilled(char canvas[row][column]);

void filled(char canvas[row][column]);

void printarray(char canvas[row][column]);

int main(void)


int row, column;

char canvas[row][column];

printf("Welcome to the ASCII Art program.\n");

printf("Please make sure when entering your values that\nyou start from the left side going right\n");

printf("Have fun!\n");





} //end main function

You don't. Pass a POINTER to the first element of the array.

Where can I get the code of the game REVERSI aka OTHELLO ?

Hi there.

Can someone please help me? I need the source code in C /C of the game REVERSI (also known as Othello).

Its better if it involves graphics but will also work without graphics.

The person who gives the code with graphics fastest will get the best answer

plzz help me guys. thanks

There are quite a few sites, what you need to do is find out the algorithm, the site experts-exhange is good place to go, Sourceforge is also good, but I did find a simple version on http://www.koders.com/c/fidCD50AE30EDF91...

and another on


and there is a graphics version on


Hope these helph

Try searching soruceforge.net.

How can I add a set number to an existing variable in a batch file?

I need to know how to make a variable... almost like

Set variable %money% %26lt;--- or something

and then set the variable to an amount, and then be able to add to the variable using %26quot;set /a%26quot;

Is this what you are looking for?


It shows how to add two numbers in dos batch file.


Where can I find RPG source code in C ?

Where can I find RPG tips/tutorial/source code in C ? I want one so ill get even the slightest idea of how should I make RPG using C and so ill get some enthusiasm.

http://www.sourceforge.net is a great place for open source software with full source code. E.G try theese


In lexicographic sort, is uppercase before lowercase?

For example, is M less than m?

In ASCII it is. In EBCDIC, lower case comes first.

Freewebs Website Help?

When you create a freewebs account is there a way to make it private, or only your friends can view it?








: . . . .

blogspot, the orange and purple combination is delicious

edit: no, i wanna create one but i dont knoe how to


Java problem: cannot find symbol?

I'm trying to write a Java program that uses several classes. I have a class called Salaried, which is extending Employee. Here is the problem I get:

Salaried.java:18: cannot find symbol

symbol : constructor Employee()

location: class Employee



The line of code that is having this problem is this:

public Salaried(String name, String street, String city, double salary)


It is pointing at that brace and saying it cannot find symbol in the constructor Empolyee, which has a symbol that looks like this:

public Employee(String name, String street, String city)


I can't figure out why it is saying cannot find symbol, so any help or advice you can give me is greatly appreciated!

apparently, your trying to make create a new employee using

new Employee()

and its telling you that constructor is not defined. If you have a constructor with arguments, then you must use it:

new Employee(null, null, null, 0);

or add a no-arg constructor

What are some websites were i can get cute pictures?

Iv been looking everywhere for pictures that flash like this one


Websites would be helpful thanks :)


You can get cute animal pictures at http://www.cuteoverload.com

A Free website Where I can build a webpage?

Im looking for a website where you can create your own webpage for no fee. Can you help? Thank you

There is tons,




Projects And Programming Helps-


zoomshare ive never tried it but my friend told me it works and its free

How can I make a friendster layout?

Please help me!

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Typical solutions to the following errors in this compiler log?

OK, found a way to shorten this question...

The code itself is fairly long, so I posted the compiler log below. What are some typical problems/solutions that arise from these kind of error messages?

Compiler: Default compiler

Building Makefile: "C:\Dev-Cpp\Makefile.win"

Executing make...

make.exe -f "C:\Dev-Cpp\Makefile.win" all

g .exe -c AddressBook.cpp -o AddressBook.o -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/lib/gcc/mingw32/3.4.2/incl... -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c /3.4.2/backward... -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c /3.4.2/mingw32" -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include/c /3.4.2" -I"C:/Dev-Cpp/include"

AddressBook.cpp:5: error: definition of implicitly-declared `AddressBook::AddressBook()'

AddressBook.cpp:5: error: declaration of `AddressBook::AddressBook()' throws different exceptions

AddressBook.h:8: error: than previous declaration `AddressBook::AddressBook() throw ()'

AddressBook.cpp:9: error: no `AddressBook::~AddressBook()' member function declared in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.cpp:13: error: prototype for `void AddressBook::SetFirstName(std::string)' does not match any in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.h:23: error: candidate is: void AddressBook::SetFirstName(const char*)

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `void AddressBook::SetFirstName(std::string)':

AddressBook.cpp:14: error: `first_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp:14: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for each function it appears in.)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:18: error: prototype for `std::string AddressBook::GetFirstName()' does not match any in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.h:34: error: candidate is: void AddressBook::GetFirstName(char*, int) const

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `std::string AddressBook::GetFirstName()':

AddressBook.cpp:19: error: `first_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:23: error: prototype for `void AddressBook::SetLastName(std::string)' does not match any in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.h:24: error: candidate is: void AddressBook::SetLastName(const char*)

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `void AddressBook::SetLastName(std::string)':

AddressBook.cpp:24: error: `last_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:28: error: prototype for `std::string AddressBook::GetLastName()' does not match any in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.h:35: error: candidate is: void AddressBook::GetLastName(char*, int) const

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `std::string AddressBook::GetLastName()':

AddressBook.cpp:29: error: `last_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:33: error: no `void AddressBook::SetId(long int)' member function declared in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `void AddressBook::SetId(long int)':

AddressBook.cpp:34: error: `id_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:38: error: no `long int AddressBook::GetId()' member function declared in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `long int AddressBook::GetId()':

AddressBook.cpp:39: error: `id_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp: At global scope:

AddressBook.cpp:43: error: no `void AddressBook::Populate()' member function declared in class `AddressBook'

AddressBook.cpp: In member function `void AddressBook::Populate()':

AddressBook.cpp:45: error: `first_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp:48: error: `last_' undeclared (first use this function)

AddressBook.cpp:51: error: `id_' undeclared (first use this function)

make.exe: *** [AddressBook.o] Error 1

Execution terminated

When you define constructors with arguments you must also include a no argument constructor.

Also, it appears that you did not have the prototypes in the class definition.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is there a way to do this with columns on Microsoft Word?

I'm doing a comparison of two conclusions, so I have a document with two columns, one for each. Now, I'm doing it in the form of a list with bullet points, and I want to be able to type one bullet in the first column, and then go to the second column to type up the first one there.

I know that the cursor moves to the second column when you've finished with the first, but is is possible to do what I want to do? Move back and forth between columns?

If it isn't, is there something else I could do, other than opening two separate Word documents side-by-side?

In the first column, insert a column break. That will allow the cursor to move to the second column. You will then be able to move between the two columns and fill them as needed.

Try using Excel for the columns, and then import them to Word.

Or you can play with the column/tab features in Word. I prefer Excel though.


i want to make a youtube slideshow video, not a webcam one, just a slide show that i can add music in and stuff. what's the best and easiest software to use for that?

Windows movie maker is the best option for what you want to do.

You only really need other viedo editing programs if you really want to go into video effects and stuff :)

Windows movie maker is also on your computer already (assuming you have any version of windows)

Windows Movie Maker is best i think so

Computer issues!! Virus? please help?

Computer issues!! Virus? please help?

One day i log on to my laptop and it was acting strange, (running slow)

I checked how many processors were running and there were 100 and it kept going up.. (after 5 min it reached 500)

I downloaded adaware and norton to use in safe mode

What else can i do?

help plz

Go to Start > Run ... > msconfig.

This will tell you what programs to run at startup. Uncheck any suspicious looking program from loading at start up. This should solve your problem of rogue processes. After rebooting you may need to run antivirus/antispywares to clean up your system.

Utorrent help needed?

I downloaded it into Adobe After Effects 7.0 to get a file saying "Adobe_After_Effects_7.0_Pro.3437068.TPB... But now that the download is complete when I try to open the file it says "The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?" and it's ETA is around 2 days... What exactly am I supposed to do?

I also used BitComet to install the After Effects and then downloaded the files into a CD.

yeah, its cuz u hv already added ur torrent in ur list... the eta obviously depends on ur net speed.

Just see if ur torrent is forwarding the port properly or not. this can b checked from the sign that is thr at the bottom of utorrent on the right side of DHT. click it n then click "test if port ...dadada"

also if tht sign is green, u r getting speed that u shd get

before downloading the .torrent file also see tht u hv satisfactory seeds:peer ratio. i mean u shd hv atleast a few seeds to download a thing. no seeds means no one holds the complete file that is being downloaded by. peers are those who are dowloading like u

and a very trivial thing, dnt confuse urselves with .torrent as the software, its just the file tht establishes a connection with seeds n peers

You're supposed to wait until the actual file (the Adobe After Effects file) finishes downloading - in about 2 days. The torrent file is just a link to servers that have links to people you can download it from. (A torrent file is a link to the file you want to download.)

It says that because you didn't click on the program, you clicked on the link to the download in Utorrent. ETA will tell you how long it will be to download. 2 days sounds right for a huge file

Good Luck!

How do I make blank lines on a word document?(urgent)?

I want to make entire lines blank, so people can sign on them. I am making a pledge list for an important cause(Spread the word end the word) and I need to know how to do this soon. Thanks so much sorry this is so rushed.

press enter.

or if you want to make a line for someone to write on press underscore untill it goes to the lenght you want it.

you could also press the underline button at the top of the page and press space bar untill its the right length.

If need to get signature of the 2 people, draw a table with two columns, write the names and titles inside the boxes. Hit the format command & select border and shading from the pulldown menu. Remove the side and bottom borders of table and leave the top border line, which will allow signatories to sign above the line.

press enter to go to new line, then press enter for each blank line you want.

if you want this

then press enter

if you want this


then you use underscores (SHIFT - )

________________________________________... Copy paste or press shift -.

you have to press Shift and the Dash to the right of the zero (0)

enter or underscore

press enter

How do I reinstall Windows Vista while retaining all of my files on a partitioned hard drive?

I want to reinstall my Windows Vista OS and I have a partitioned hard drive. It would be great if someone gave me really meticulous instructions on how to reinstall my Windows Vista and how to use my partitioned hard drive to keep all of my files to ensure I don't have problems again.

It's quite simple. When you're installing Vista it will go through it's whole process of setting up the install and such, then eventually you will come to a window where it asks about the installation. You can choose the Quick installation or a Custom installation, you want to click the Custom installation button. Then that will take you to a screen displaying all of your hard drives and partitions. Simply pick the drive that Vista is installed on (so C:), and don't touch the other ones.

It's as simple as that, the only downside is that you may have to re-link all of your programs afterwards. For instance when you go to open programs or files their paths might not work because they could have changed, and it can be a pain to have to sort through them all. But it's easier than backing everything up.

Just make sure that EVERYTHING you want to keep is on the other drives, including files that are associated with the programs.

before reinstall window ,, first get backup personal data from c/ drive like a document desktop on any ur personal data,, and put disk in drive/ restart pc/ press any key for disk boot/ give install location c/drive first format / and install window . i hope u do this short thx u

When your installing a OS it will only install on the selected Part of the hard drive. If you Select C: it wont touch D: or E: W/E you have . So reinstall and be happy.

How can I stop HP

I'm using an HP laptop with Windows Vista, whenever I insert a DVD the program QuickPlay opens up. I can't find a way to stop it.

Please help!!

I had the same problem. Just hit the start button or the windows button next to the "alt" button on the left and type in "Autoplay". Windows will search for this and when it comes up in the menu under programs, click on it. Then a new window will open where you can change the settings. On my computer is it the 3rd one down. It says "DVD movie". Just click the drop down menu next to it and change it to whatever you want. I change it to "Take no action". I hope this helps.

What is the very best/easiest way to get rid of Adware-Mirar.I had this

on my computer yesterday,& after running windows live care & then norman malware,that went away ( i think) but now McAfee keeps catching an unwanted PUP,which is 'adware-mirar'and i click to remove it but it keeps coming back. and i cant get rid of it.What is the safest download that will get rid of it.I have run McAfee scan and it found and removed one item but this stil comes back! sometimes every few minutes.Help!

Malwarebytes or super antispyware will probably remove it for you! You can get both at download.com! Might want to run ccleaner too!

Microsoft Access problem?

I'm using MS Access 2003. I have a query which contains a field that has a string of words.

My problem is I want search for rows which contain words Biro and Blue. I'm using the formula - Like "Biro" And "Blue" - but there are no results. But there are rows which contain both of the words. What is the problem?

Instead of the word and, use the word OR. Or instead of putting criteria on one row, put biro on one criteria row, blue on the other but match up any other criteria to the two rows.

Is it OK to delete these files?

I looked in my programs files, located in my C: drive, and I saw a whole bunch of files that I uninstalled from my computer like AIM IM and Limewire. Are these files safe to delete?

When you uninstall a program some files will be left behind because the company hopes you will reinstall in the future. This information is, in the case of AIM, your contacts, logs, etc. It is perfectly OK to delete these folders of files. It will increase your free hard drive space and likely speed up your machine. The folders you shouldn't modify are Users and Windows.

Just make sure you are not deleting any files that ends in a .sys. Those files are usually system files that needs to be there . These files can sometime be deleted only if they are not supposed to be there. And before deleting anything make sure you check those files on the web to be sure they are safe to delete.


Which One????????????????

Which is the best photoshop out there right now


well the cheapest one is photoshop elements compared to cs4

i like photosop elements

it just doesnt have the clipping mask

CS4 is the latest, I like CS3E, my laptop has CS2 still which is a friendly version.

and all my PCs have Gimp, with all the plugins from gimp.org it's SICK.

You can easily get cs3 extended on a torrent, absolutely free.

CS4. Google it you bum.

My frostwire is always at starting connection?

Frostwire starts up find but always says "Starting Connection". my internet is good but i dont get why it wont connect. i herd that it to do something with like the firewall and all, how do i do that?

Hi, you have to open the ports that Frostwire uses in your firewall or router.

Good Luck!.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My computer playing sounds?

My computer keeps playing sounds, like one time it was an audio clip about poker, and another time about www.buy.com! WTF?!

I don't know.

Did you download anything recently?

.... or maybe it's a virus...?

they are like advertisment,

haha one time a friends computer actually printed advertisment on its own,,,


How should I back up my photos, video clips from my camera, word docs, etc? I have been doing my photos & it seems to be taking forever & keeps messing up.

Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks!

a DVD,use cdburnerxp program and copy ur files as DATA, a dvd fits upto 4.7gigs of memory, an external hard drive is ok but ull need to buy one..

the easiest way is to get an external drive and save everything on there

burn them to a disk so your backup drive doesn't fill up.

Is there any easier way to install a video card for a laptop?

hey i own a acer laptop and im wondering if there easy way to install a video card like Nvidia Geforce or sumthing like somthing u can plug in a usb port

search for either Asus xg station or just a general search for laptop external graphics and you should get what your looking for...but as far as internally changing cards...not really feasible

not possible in these days.. may be in some time we would have this facility

u cant upgrade grade graphics of ur laptop

actually u can do it but then ur laptop wont be a laptop

coz u have to solder the graphics card to ur laptops motherboard

n thts going to be a mess

There are black pixels all over my screen?

it is a dell monitor. on the startup screen, the pixels are fine. but when it opens to my desktop, single pixels start turning black, little by little. i dont think the pixels are dead because when i hover over it with the cursor, they disappear. what could be the problem and how can i fix this? i tried restarting and replugging it but it doesnt work. :( thanks

You Probably have an Internal Problem With the Monitor's Reactions to The PC and The Mouse, Try Taking the monitor To any Best Buy Geek Squad, Our Current rate is 30$ for Monitor Repair. What Can i Do If i dont Want to Do that? :: Buy a diffrent Monitor.. or....Keep The Pixels Alive. And if you have any, Metals Around the monitor, Try Taking those away from the PC and The Monitor.


Why isn

If the Internet belongs to everyone and no one then why do we pay big corporations a bill per month for Internet access? They don't "own" the Internet. Why can't we pay broadband companies a one time connection fee to be hooked up to the Internet and be done with it?

Because some people use more bandwidth than others.

I think that it's fair that someone like me, who would use terabytes of bandwidth a month if possible, should have to pay more than someone like Ted Stevens.

It's also true that the ISPs who provide you with Internet access are paying their backbone providers. The ISPs lease the lines they have control over from the organisations that own them. Those organisations, in turn, paid quite a bit of money to lay down those telephone lines, CATV lines, fibre, etc... It's only reasonable that they receive `rent`, so to speak, for use of those lines.

It's just like if I built a bridge entirely at my own expense. I don't own the land above or below the bridge, but I do own the bridge itself. Therefore, I should be able to charge people who wish to cross the bridge a reasonable fee for use of my property.

well me i have cable and the way i see it, its there fiber optic lines im using and the lines let me access there servers to gain access to other servers. so there providing a service that lets me acces other servers which is how you access different websites from all over the world. im sure internet providers have to pay money out for certain things just dont know exactly what

The internet is free. Its the hooking up charges. Good question. Write to your congress person or representative.

Good question. Nothing in the world is free these days.

it is free

sorry for not helping

Is it illegal to download music videos off the vuze hd network?

im just curious becaue i do download videos off the vuze hd network

No. Content on the Vuze HD network is all legal.

There may be some illegal content from users posted at times, but it is quickly removed. All of the music videos are legal.

Will my computer remember all of its data, if I turn it off at the powerpoint?

I'm getting ready for Earth Hour tonight, and i want to turn my computer off - powerpoint and all. But will it forget everything? all of my photos, documents, everything?

I'm just abit paranoid...

just save your files before shutting down..

Hard drives can hold information without power, so all your files are safe.

Save everything then shut it off however you want

Can I use a SATA Laptop Hard drive as a PERMANENT Main drive in my Desktop?

Can I use a SATA Laptop Hard drive as a PERMANENT Main drive in my Desktop? I already know i can attach my Laptop SATA drive to my desktop and it works, that is easy and i have had no problems. What i am asking is if there is any issues with using it as a permanent main drive for my desktop. The Laptop drive is 160GB and my current drive in my desktop is only 40GB. Is there any Con's, issues that i will run into, problems in the future?

It will work, though i would not do it. Most laptop drive run at 5400 rpm and most 3.5" desktop drives run at 7200rpm. you will very likely experience a performance decrease if it is used as your main drive. you can buy 3.5" sata drives in the 750gb rang for <$100 on newegg.com

Yes you can use it! Just make sure you find a place inside to mount or place it so that isn't going to short out. I have used mousepad with the pastic/vinal top (cheaper ones) and cut it and put it around it just to make sure that it laptop drive's circuit board doesn't end up laying against the metal case! You should be fine though!

You can you a SATA to USB cable and boot off that drive.

why wont you go to best buy and call for geek squad no joke they help me with problems on my Laptop

All you need, is the proper adapters.

Is it okay to let your desktop be open?

Okay I was just wondering if it is okay to unhook the door on my desktop so its open so it can get more airflow. Is this okay? or will it screw it up? Thanks! :D

Yes, that is not a problem unless you let water or dust inside. If overheating is your concern, I'd open and air-spray out all accumulating dust first. That will help lower CPU / GPU temperature and prolong their lives. then, if you wanna keep it open, just make sure that your computer's not near a window (then rain may get blown inside), you clean often, and there's no way for your pets to screw with wires inside.

it is fine

as long as you dont let dust or water get in to it plus if you are living in a humid weather country i would suggest to you to not do that,cuz it can get the system kinda wet and it will cause damage.

and if dust get in it will get the fan dusty and that would cause the CPU of the whole system to get hot,so try and keep it clean if you wanna leave it open

It's OK to a point. You want air flow through the case but no more flowing in than the fan(s) expel. Be aware that since the fans blow out every opening in the case for air to enter becomes a vacuum cleaner.

Ok if you dont have pets or kids that may get into the rig while its running. Should really do something about the airflow thru the case thou. My rigs actually run warmer when the side panels are off.

No nothing should happen unless a mouse goes in there and starts to bite stuff, lol

Am I vulnerable to hackers?

I connect to the internet using an open wireless connection (Linksys) and I really have no idea who owns it. But I have always wondered, can other people that are using this open network get into my computer, or watch what I am doing? Without my permission? Just wondering.

Hello ripeforchange,

Anything is prone to hackers. The FBI has to dynamically change their methods in order to stay ahead of the game. This would mean if someone wants your PC, they can get it.

When you use a wireless network, there is 2 things wrong.

1. Using a network with other people allows your computer more access to be hacked. If they know what they are doing, they can get into your PC. It is easier to hack within a network than it is outside a network.

2. When you sending and receive data, it is sent through the air. Anyone with some capturing software can read this. It is not as easy as it sounds but the more experienced people can do it pretty quickly and can get passwords and chat logs. Even people who think they are safe in their house are not safe for people who can park out in their car and get all this.

So to answer your questions, yes.

You are VERY vulnerable to hackers as if you were in the same network as me i could do that and get onto your computer

im 14 showing how little you need to know to hack a network because once your connected to the network you just have to look at devices connected to the network and there click your computer and instant access to your computer

i suggest you invest in YOUR OWN INTERNET CONNECTION :L

get a good firewall while your at it your computer might be safe then


You are part of "their" network (LAN), and if they have the skills, they can monitor all your network traffic, looking for user IDs and passwords. In fact, some crooks actually do this, set up a wireless link somewhere for "free", and capture all the data so they can get your information. Imagine a large apartment complex - lots of suckers to bait there...

Yes....the owner of the router that you are using can both monitor your usage and actully hack directly into your computer if they want to. The likelyhood of that person knowing how to do this (especially if they are broadcasting an open and unsecure connection) are probably very low.

Are Mac computers as susceptible to viruses as a PC?

Well a PC that is not Mac and running OS X Leopard.

Macs (especially those running 10.4 and 10.5) are definitely more secure and immune to viruses than Windows.

I don%26#039;t know the current numbers, but the most recent figure I have seen is that Windows has almost 200,000 viruses plaguing it and less than 5 take over your Mac.

Also, Mac%26#039;s don%26#039;t get spyware... :D

So... Mac%26#039;s get 0.000025 times the amount of viruses that Windows gets and on a Mac you don%26#039;t have to worry about spyware.

At the lowest common denominator, it%26#039;s all one%26#039;s and zeros...no such thing as an un-hackable system, unless you consider a machine that is and will never be touched by a sentient life form.

That said....

Yes and no. First out, Macs do have a few intrinsic security features that Windows does not. Windows systems operate on a %26quot;beehive%26quot; security philosophy...once you%26#039;re in, you%26#039;re a member...

Macs are based in Unix, which does more to continuously check membership for functions that need administrative access. Because of this, it%26#039;s a little harder to get a virus running wild on a mac than it is a PC...but it is not by any means impossible.

The real reason that PC%26#039;s seem more susceptible is simply because they are more popular. If Apple still had the market share, you%26#039;d hear all about how MS makes more secure systems, regardless of how they are actually designed.

Virus makers today shoot for one thing: money. They want your cash and they get more and more creative about how to get it. They will always, however, go for the low-hanging fruit. By that, I mean, the typical mac user is also someone who has thought a bit about their computer purchase. They didn%26#039;t just run into Best Buy and get the cheapest thing that%26#039;ll run, and leave all the junkware running on it.

So another reason...you%26#039;re more likely to find the less tech-savvy on a PC than on a Mac (which is a shame..macs are much easier for the techno-phobes, I%26#039;ve found).

Most professionals use Linux. Macs aren%26#039;t more professional than PC, I don%26#039;t know why the guy said that, it%26#039;s 100% not true. Mac%26#039;s aren%26#039;t susceptible now, but they probably will be in a short amount of time. Hackers and virus writers aren%26#039;t idiots, and they can see that more and more people are using Macs. I use a PC and as long as you%26#039;re not an idiot, you shouldn%26#039;t get a virus.


well PCs have operating system too,like windows xp or vista,

as you might know vista is really secure,xp isnt as secure as vista.i think mac is a really secure OS plus it is really proffesional

No computer software is perfect. OS X is not an exception. It is most definitely susceptible to viruses.

yes. The thing is since the PC is more widely used, hackers, etc, make viruses for the PC more than the Mac.


Would World of Warcraft run slow on my laptop?

I used an online "can you run it" to see if world of warcraft would run on my computer. It said that everything "passed." But it also said that my video card wasn't that great.

I want to run ito on my a Dell inspiron 1525 laptop. it has a Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family () - video card. Will it run slow?

The game may run, but your frame rate may be very slow (choppy). If you reduce the color resolution, and reduce all the textures and distance to minimum, it may play ok.

I can run WoW on a dell 6000, with only a X200 video, and it's only a 1.7 centrino chip. You need the 1GB main memory at least, don't bother if you have less.

i have HP 90005ae Laptop with Nvidia 7600go 256 ram and 2gigs of ram

Considering new Expacks wow runs pretty slow for my liking. from 20 to 50 fps.

Your video card is much MUCH slower than mine.

You would get around 10-15 fps on all LOW. Trust me.

Even playing on my PC with 8800gts some times gets laggy.

try it at different settings

Where to Download DVD ISO files?

Where can i Download DVD iso files for free?

it is illegal to do so

but if u look around for some torrent sites or frost wire that might help u out that all is just hear say to me tho

No where legal. Buy them.

How do you get yourself a gig?

I'm in a band and our next gig is in June, we end up wasting time in our practices and we have nothing to work for that's coming up soon. How do I get a gig for us?

Check local pubs and clubs which do local bands.. see if they are interested in hosting you.

Go to local bars or pubs, schools events etc.. There are plenty of places.

Audio not working in Firefox?

I'm using Firefox (3.0.7) on Windows Vista Ultimate x64 and I don't hear any audio when it's playing through Firefox. Youtube vids play but I get no sound. Sound works in other programs. Any ideas?

On your Vista taskbar, double click the audio icon (while a youtube video is playing in Firefox). A window should appear with volume sliders for programs including Firefox. Just slide the one for Firefox up to increase the volume, and make sure the mute box isn't checked.

Could somebody recommend a decent image hosting script that is free?

Hi. I am looking for an image hosting script to host images for another website of mine. I want to make it public so other people can upload photos as well. I know anything real great is going to cost money, but are there any decent scripts that are free?

Google --- LightBox

it will work perfectly

Anyone else haveing problems with IE 8 ?

Hi everyone i just recently downloaded and installed Microsofts IE 8 i like it except for the fact that i cant see what i am typeing on alot of web-pages like Ebay feedback etc.

The space to type in is very small and when i do type something it just looks like small dots and i hate that because you cant see what you typed untill it's posted.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem? I have tried the compatability settings, full screen etc.

Thanx in advance and 10 points for the best answer.

Hit the page button on Explorer and on "text size" set it to large or larger

To the ignorant baboon above........if you don't know pick another question to share your "knowledge" ,nobody asked for your opinion.

Do you not like Firefox? It's a lot better.


i need help. im really confused by what godaddy means. Do i get a free domain or what exactly is it? i have a current domain, but i'd like to get a new name, and i thought this has to be to good to be true, but i thought i'd give it a try. but is it like example.currentdomain.com or is it a whole new one like newdomain.net (haha)... please help thanks so much!

Hello Yoga,

I have Godaddy myself. The freehosting credit will allow you to put up a very small page. This is designed to be a "work in progress" website while you build the main one. Then you will purchase webhosting and upload your site.

The hosting credit by all means is not very great and will not give you much to do with it. You will still need to buy a hosting package.

Help on computer for you