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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Why doesnt my laptop start up?

I have a compaq presario 1625. It was working fine a few days ago. Now when ever i press the power button and it makes a wierd sound that its turning on but doesnt! What could be wrong??
the first step is to test and ensure that your LCD is in good shape, this can be accomplished by plugging in a monitor cable to the VGA port on the laptop, and pressing (Fn) f11, if you get an image on the monitor, your LCD is damaged and should be replaced. if no image appears on the monitor, it is a problem in the body of the laptop.

Diagnostics on the laptop body:

the first check, is to remove the battery and attempt to boot under AC power only, if that fails, proceed to booting without the hard drive installed, in hopes of seeing your POST screen, if removing the hard drive does not issue post warnings, move over to the memory, if the machine does not beep with the memory removed, you most likely have a processor issue, if beeping sounds are made, your memory and your processor are fine, and it is most likely a power issue

these are basic troubleshooting steps, if they sound like something you would not like to proceed, track down a friendly local IT shop, and im sure they will know what to do
Could be stuck in sleep mode
Is that a laptop or a desktop? If its a lap top try this

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