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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Help i think im being scammed need to stop it!?

help... i accidently gave someone my mobile number and then a text came through asking for confirmation on a site called www.onebip.com and i without thinking confirmed now im being charged for things im not doing how can i stop it? help please !!!!
Contact your phone service provider and tell them to block/unauthorize any future charges from that number.

As for the charges that have already happened: most phone providers offer a way to appeal them. Just talk to your phone company.
At least you are trying to sort it out Straight away. If I was in your shoes, I would ring your phone company (e.g. Orange, O2) and tell them what is going on, and also tell your parents. You will probably need to buy a new sim card if this www.onebip.com is still taking credit from you. If you tell your phone company, they will probably block the website and warn everyone.

Thanxx (o:

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