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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Motherboard help PLZ!!!?

i just put a new MOBO in and i cant get a screen on any of my monitors. (im currently useing one of the monitors). but i dont even see the bios or anything. the HDD light and power light are working correctly. (i have tried my on borard video and PCI video) but i dont have my ram cards in. PLZ HELP!!!
Install your ram then fire it up,it should pass post and get you to your bios screen...With out ram in the motherboard your system will not start...Even 1 stick if you have it......


Update---Does your motherboard support that ram you installed? Rather old if its 256mb....

Take the pc apart 1 item at a time and try to start it up til you only have 1 stick of ram and the cpu and H/S Fan..If it still does not boot take the motherboard out and put it on a card board box,with the ram,cpu and the wires to start it up plugged in....See if it starts up now...if it does the motherboard is shorting out somewhere because its touching the case some where...try to locate it and make the needed adjustments so it does not touch the case......

EDIT----It supports this type of ram----

Support Dual Channel DDR2 400/533/667 MHz---Does the ram you have installed match up with that?)

2 x DDR2 DIMM Memory Slot

Max. Supports up to 2GB Memory
It needs RAM. When you turn it on it probably makes a series of beeps, which is a code for what

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