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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I need to speed my computer up!?

ive done defragments and msconfig to only run some programs on start up. Also delete cookies, but my computer still seems slow! any ideas how to speed it up? thanks.
clean the regestry with ccleaner. i guarantee you its perfectly safe. in fact i bet most the answers after me will say to use it.


the regestry is the list of programs installed, what programs open what filetypes, etc. pretty much all about your computer in windows. if there are errors it can take a long time to get this info and slow it down. ccleaner does wonders at fixing itl.

YES someone else who knows how fast ubuntu is. it really is much faster and better then windows. look into it. ubuntu has no viruses and is totaly free.
Upgrade hardware (CPU, RAM, video card), or reinstall Windows, to get the minimal amount of software running. If it

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