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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My computer is clicking rather loudly at me when i turn it on?

okay i understand its old but its not that old, basically when i turn my little computerized friend on it clicks and whrrs and beeps (quite loudly at that) but the clicking has just started recently its a series of four or five loud clicks coming from my motherboard one maybe two from the processor and its quite worrying at times seeing as when it enters windows two low pitched beeps sound at the logon screen then nothing, my pc is my typical humming friend again not to mention it seems to vibrate rather loudly at me when i take my CD rack off the top of it

just a pointer as to what these little clicks and beeps are would be great thanks
the clicks are probably the hard drive. it spins, and has a magnetic arm, sort of like a metal record player. When those arms start getting a little older, they make this rapid clicking sound. The vibrating is coming from the fans, they are just moving really fast making the whole thing shake. Beeping is trying to tell you something. Its sort of how computers talk to you without talking. just google the beep code chart, i dont know it by memory. look up the 2 beeps tho. I know a single tone beep means memory failure, but thats the only 1 i know. Processors dont make noise, but there is a beeper type thing on the motherboard. The whirring is most likely the fans, nothing else makes that noise. probably the humming is the motors on the fans. take a vaccume hose, and clean them out. see if that helps.
If I understand you correctly, windows doesn

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