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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Specs for a new desktop, do they check out?

I am looking to buy a new computer. I would like to make very solid investment and for the computer to last me for a while. I would use it for intense gaming, school documents, and basically just generic use. I think it is a little overkill, but at the same time, like I mentioned earlier I would like this to last me on a couple years and through college.

here is first page of hardware (all from newegg) please check and see if it looks compatible, practical, good, bad, any suggestions etc. :


and the 2nd page:


thanks a lot for any advice, really appreciated
Here is what I can tell you right off the bat about that configuration. Your flushing $375 dollars on hard drives that will need to be replaced in 1 year and will function for a max of 3 if your really lucky. The rest of the setup is mediocre. 12GB of RAM is wasted money as anything over 4GB is almost never used. If you really want to put money into the unit then limit yourself to 6GB.
i suggest you just get alienware because they have great video chips all well enough battery life

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