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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Macbook 2010 Vs Alienware M11X WHICH WOULD YOU CHOOSE????? EASY POINTS!!!?

Ok so i just got a lotta cash for school and im in need of a new laptop.

Iv narrowed it down to two.

The macbook 2010 because its a mac and i will look like a stud carrying it around. plus the macbook pro is too expensive :(


the alienware m11x which is SICK! and can do everything, like gaming, torrent downloads, and it is built with custom led lighting for the keys and all the other lights,

if you where me which would you choose???

sleekness of macbook? or awesomeness of dell alienware

p.s i have only used dells my whole life, how is apple?? i hate dell customer service!

Wow that a tough decision because their both cooling laptops and good laptops but i would chose alienware because that laptop is just beautiful but not only is it beautiful on the outside but also on the inside because that thing have power. Also everyone now a days have macbook pro and macbooks you won t really stand out as much if you have an alienware those alienware people are the real studs
Alienware everytime man, it doesn

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