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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Am I vulnerable to hackers?

I connect to the internet using an open wireless connection (Linksys) and I really have no idea who owns it. But I have always wondered, can other people that are using this open network get into my computer, or watch what I am doing? Without my permission? Just wondering.

Hello ripeforchange,

Anything is prone to hackers. The FBI has to dynamically change their methods in order to stay ahead of the game. This would mean if someone wants your PC, they can get it.

When you use a wireless network, there is 2 things wrong.

1. Using a network with other people allows your computer more access to be hacked. If they know what they are doing, they can get into your PC. It is easier to hack within a network than it is outside a network.

2. When you sending and receive data, it is sent through the air. Anyone with some capturing software can read this. It is not as easy as it sounds but the more experienced people can do it pretty quickly and can get passwords and chat logs. Even people who think they are safe in their house are not safe for people who can park out in their car and get all this.

So to answer your questions, yes.

You are VERY vulnerable to hackers as if you were in the same network as me i could do that and get onto your computer

im 14 showing how little you need to know to hack a network because once your connected to the network you just have to look at devices connected to the network and there click your computer and instant access to your computer

i suggest you invest in YOUR OWN INTERNET CONNECTION :L

get a good firewall while your at it your computer might be safe then


You are part of "their" network (LAN), and if they have the skills, they can monitor all your network traffic, looking for user IDs and passwords. In fact, some crooks actually do this, set up a wireless link somewhere for "free", and capture all the data so they can get your information. Imagine a large apartment complex - lots of suckers to bait there...

Yes....the owner of the router that you are using can both monitor your usage and actully hack directly into your computer if they want to. The likelyhood of that person knowing how to do this (especially if they are broadcasting an open and unsecure connection) are probably very low.

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