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Saturday, March 28, 2009

There are black pixels all over my screen?

it is a dell monitor. on the startup screen, the pixels are fine. but when it opens to my desktop, single pixels start turning black, little by little. i dont think the pixels are dead because when i hover over it with the cursor, they disappear. what could be the problem and how can i fix this? i tried restarting and replugging it but it doesnt work. :( thanks

You Probably have an Internal Problem With the Monitor's Reactions to The PC and The Mouse, Try Taking the monitor To any Best Buy Geek Squad, Our Current rate is 30$ for Monitor Repair. What Can i Do If i dont Want to Do that? :: Buy a diffrent Monitor.. or....Keep The Pixels Alive. And if you have any, Metals Around the monitor, Try Taking those away from the PC and The Monitor.


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