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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Why isn

If the Internet belongs to everyone and no one then why do we pay big corporations a bill per month for Internet access? They don't "own" the Internet. Why can't we pay broadband companies a one time connection fee to be hooked up to the Internet and be done with it?

Because some people use more bandwidth than others.

I think that it's fair that someone like me, who would use terabytes of bandwidth a month if possible, should have to pay more than someone like Ted Stevens.

It's also true that the ISPs who provide you with Internet access are paying their backbone providers. The ISPs lease the lines they have control over from the organisations that own them. Those organisations, in turn, paid quite a bit of money to lay down those telephone lines, CATV lines, fibre, etc... It's only reasonable that they receive `rent`, so to speak, for use of those lines.

It's just like if I built a bridge entirely at my own expense. I don't own the land above or below the bridge, but I do own the bridge itself. Therefore, I should be able to charge people who wish to cross the bridge a reasonable fee for use of my property.

well me i have cable and the way i see it, its there fiber optic lines im using and the lines let me access there servers to gain access to other servers. so there providing a service that lets me acces other servers which is how you access different websites from all over the world. im sure internet providers have to pay money out for certain things just dont know exactly what

The internet is free. Its the hooking up charges. Good question. Write to your congress person or representative.

Good question. Nothing in the world is free these days.

it is free

sorry for not helping

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