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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Is it okay to let your desktop be open?

Okay I was just wondering if it is okay to unhook the door on my desktop so its open so it can get more airflow. Is this okay? or will it screw it up? Thanks! :D

Yes, that is not a problem unless you let water or dust inside. If overheating is your concern, I'd open and air-spray out all accumulating dust first. That will help lower CPU / GPU temperature and prolong their lives. then, if you wanna keep it open, just make sure that your computer's not near a window (then rain may get blown inside), you clean often, and there's no way for your pets to screw with wires inside.

it is fine

as long as you dont let dust or water get in to it plus if you are living in a humid weather country i would suggest to you to not do that,cuz it can get the system kinda wet and it will cause damage.

and if dust get in it will get the fan dusty and that would cause the CPU of the whole system to get hot,so try and keep it clean if you wanna leave it open

It's OK to a point. You want air flow through the case but no more flowing in than the fan(s) expel. Be aware that since the fans blow out every opening in the case for air to enter becomes a vacuum cleaner.

Ok if you dont have pets or kids that may get into the rig while its running. Should really do something about the airflow thru the case thou. My rigs actually run warmer when the side panels are off.

No nothing should happen unless a mouse goes in there and starts to bite stuff, lol

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