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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Would World of Warcraft run slow on my laptop?

I used an online "can you run it" to see if world of warcraft would run on my computer. It said that everything "passed." But it also said that my video card wasn't that great.

I want to run ito on my a Dell inspiron 1525 laptop. it has a Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family () - video card. Will it run slow?

The game may run, but your frame rate may be very slow (choppy). If you reduce the color resolution, and reduce all the textures and distance to minimum, it may play ok.

I can run WoW on a dell 6000, with only a X200 video, and it's only a 1.7 centrino chip. You need the 1GB main memory at least, don't bother if you have less.

i have HP 90005ae Laptop with Nvidia 7600go 256 ram and 2gigs of ram

Considering new Expacks wow runs pretty slow for my liking. from 20 to 50 fps.

Your video card is much MUCH slower than mine.

You would get around 10-15 fps on all LOW. Trust me.

Even playing on my PC with 8800gts some times gets laggy.

try it at different settings

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