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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is there a way to do this with columns on Microsoft Word?

I'm doing a comparison of two conclusions, so I have a document with two columns, one for each. Now, I'm doing it in the form of a list with bullet points, and I want to be able to type one bullet in the first column, and then go to the second column to type up the first one there.

I know that the cursor moves to the second column when you've finished with the first, but is is possible to do what I want to do? Move back and forth between columns?

If it isn't, is there something else I could do, other than opening two separate Word documents side-by-side?

In the first column, insert a column break. That will allow the cursor to move to the second column. You will then be able to move between the two columns and fill them as needed.

Try using Excel for the columns, and then import them to Word.

Or you can play with the column/tab features in Word. I prefer Excel though.

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