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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Utorrent help needed?

I downloaded it into Adobe After Effects 7.0 to get a file saying "Adobe_After_Effects_7.0_Pro.3437068.TPB... But now that the download is complete when I try to open the file it says "The torrent you are trying to add is already in the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?" and it's ETA is around 2 days... What exactly am I supposed to do?

I also used BitComet to install the After Effects and then downloaded the files into a CD.

yeah, its cuz u hv already added ur torrent in ur list... the eta obviously depends on ur net speed.

Just see if ur torrent is forwarding the port properly or not. this can b checked from the sign that is thr at the bottom of utorrent on the right side of DHT. click it n then click "test if port ...dadada"

also if tht sign is green, u r getting speed that u shd get

before downloading the .torrent file also see tht u hv satisfactory seeds:peer ratio. i mean u shd hv atleast a few seeds to download a thing. no seeds means no one holds the complete file that is being downloaded by. peers are those who are dowloading like u

and a very trivial thing, dnt confuse urselves with .torrent as the software, its just the file tht establishes a connection with seeds n peers

You're supposed to wait until the actual file (the Adobe After Effects file) finishes downloading - in about 2 days. The torrent file is just a link to servers that have links to people you can download it from. (A torrent file is a link to the file you want to download.)

It says that because you didn't click on the program, you clicked on the link to the download in Utorrent. ETA will tell you how long it will be to download. 2 days sounds right for a huge file

Good Luck!

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