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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

How do I make blank lines on a word document?(urgent)?

I want to make entire lines blank, so people can sign on them. I am making a pledge list for an important cause(Spread the word end the word) and I need to know how to do this soon. Thanks so much sorry this is so rushed.

press enter.

or if you want to make a line for someone to write on press underscore untill it goes to the lenght you want it.

you could also press the underline button at the top of the page and press space bar untill its the right length.

If need to get signature of the 2 people, draw a table with two columns, write the names and titles inside the boxes. Hit the format command & select border and shading from the pulldown menu. Remove the side and bottom borders of table and leave the top border line, which will allow signatories to sign above the line.

press enter to go to new line, then press enter for each blank line you want.

if you want this

then press enter

if you want this


then you use underscores (SHIFT - )

________________________________________... Copy paste or press shift -.

you have to press Shift and the Dash to the right of the zero (0)

enter or underscore

press enter

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