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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Is it OK to delete these files?

I looked in my programs files, located in my C: drive, and I saw a whole bunch of files that I uninstalled from my computer like AIM IM and Limewire. Are these files safe to delete?

When you uninstall a program some files will be left behind because the company hopes you will reinstall in the future. This information is, in the case of AIM, your contacts, logs, etc. It is perfectly OK to delete these folders of files. It will increase your free hard drive space and likely speed up your machine. The folders you shouldn't modify are Users and Windows.

Just make sure you are not deleting any files that ends in a .sys. Those files are usually system files that needs to be there . These files can sometime be deleted only if they are not supposed to be there. And before deleting anything make sure you check those files on the web to be sure they are safe to delete.


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